June 16, 2024

Crafting the Best Resume

Great resumes help get jobs.   It does not matter if it is work from home position or traditional employment,  having a good resume can help toward getting the job that you want.

Don’t Lie

One point that should be made is that the best resume may not look like the perfect resume.   There are some things and skills that you wish you have, but do not currently possess.    You may think the easiest thing to do is to add those qualifications and no one will ever be the wiser.    The problem is that lie may come back to haunt you in that position and any other positions you may get in the future.     A notable example can be found in the career of former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who was fired after just four months in that position.  His resume included a lie that he possessed a computer science degree.  Once the Yahoo board found out that he lied about having the degree, he resigned from the position.   He claimed he had a computer science degree for years, even in his previous position as President of PayPal.      Thompson did have a degree, but it was only in accounting.   That embellishment caught up to him years later and it can also catch up with you if you decide to lie.

Look at Resume Examples

It is not cheating to see what others wrote.   Take advantage of the resume templates and examples available.  Doing a simple web search will show many different examples of resumes available. Some reliable sources of resumes are:

  • Monster.com is a job search engine, but they also have samples of resumes.  There are resumes for many different professions that you can use as an example when crafting your own.
  • Quintcareers.com is another website that offers examples of several different resumes and also resume writing advice.

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