April 16, 2024

Teacher Certification Opportunities

You may be interested in teaching online or in a physical classroom, but do not have the required training and certification required.  These quicker teacher certification programs do require that you have a bachelor’s degree before beginning your enrollment.   Fortunately, there are many resources for you to obtain the required training necessary.

**Please note that you should contact the Department of Education for the state in which you will be teaching to find out all the requirements to obtain teacher certification in that state.   **

Even before you sign up for any these programs, contact your state Department of Education to makes sure that the courses you plan to take will count toward your teacher certification.

Avenues for Teacher Certification

Direct Hire without a Bachelor’s Degree

Because of the teacher shortage in some school districts, some school districts will hire you with just a bachelor’s degree and allow you to take the test for teacher certification later.    Each program is specific to the state or school district.   But generally, an individual with a bachelor’s degree is hired to teach.  The teacher is then given a predetermined amount of time to take the state teacher certification exam.  While teaching, the individuals may have to pass certain evaluations and observation by the school district and/or school administrator.    As stated before, the process may vary by school district and state.

Public Universities and Colleges

Public colleges and universities are usually the least expensive avenue you can take to obtain the training you need to be eligible for teacher certification.    Of course, there is the regular education degree, but for those that already have a bachelor’s degree, there are post-bachelor training available.


The University of Texas Permian Basin Post-Bachelorette Teacher Certification Program

This is a 15 Credit program that leads to teacher certification in the state of Texas.  Students have the option of doing a 1 year paid internship or a 14-week unpaid internship.

Private Institutions

Many online and public institutions do have post bachelor’s training.

Drexel University’s post bachelor’s teacher certification training is available for those wanting to obtain their teacher certification in the state of Pennsylvania

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