Userlytics Tester – Side Hussle – Get Paid to Test Web Sites

Do you have a hard time not voicing your opinions out loud? Userlytics is a remote website testing platform that rewards you for speaking your thoughts—good or bad. The application process is fairly simple. Just sign up with your PayPal email and name to get started.

Userlytics is a good way to make side cash here and there, and it doesn’t take much effort at all. I registered for Userlytics in early February and received about two email notifications for tests in the past two months. They prompted me with a survey about demographic information, and I qualified for one about two weeks ago.

Once I downloaded the screen recorder software found on their website, I tested my webcam and microphone and ensured that it was loud enough, and I was ready to begin. This test in particular just required a recording of my voice and computer screen. However, some tests may require a recording of your face.

Each time you review a website, you have a series of steps to complete. Some of these steps included navigating to a certain page as I would normally, trying to find information about a certain topic, or giving my impression of part of the site. There are no wrong answers, and I gave my open and honest opinion. The main thing that they want from you is to voice your thoughts and be open and honest. When in doubt, say it! Of course, they do want some degree of professionalism, so filter your thoughts, but don’t repress them!

Their email notifications tell you how much of an incentive you may receive should you qualify. Mine was $10, which I received via PayPal about ten days later.

It is worth noting that while they aren’t asking for professional recording studio quality, Userlytics clients still need quality audio from you. If the audio quality is so poor that you cannot be heard or understood, you can receive a low rating or possibly not get paid. It’s important to record in a quiet environment and to speak loudly.

The initial mic test can help you gauge how loud you need to be. This was a challenge for me as I tend to speak very softly, but taking an extra 30 seconds to prepare myself was all I needed.

Userlytics is a great way to earn side cash if you have free time, and it only costs about 15-20 minutes of your time for each test. Even if you don’t see any you qualify for at first, don’t worry! There are still others that you may qualify for.


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