Flexible Work Options for Parents

Some mothers may not have the opportunity to work exclusively at home, but there are positions that offer flexibility that some parents are looking for while caring for their children.

Nursing is one option that some mothers have selected. I have known several mothers that have been in healthcare and have worked a schedule that allows them to have the opportunity to be with the kids more. One mom began working just one 12 hour shift at night when her son was young. She later transitioned to working full-time in a hospital as her son became older and was school age. With the 12 hour shifts, you will need some to help with the kids on days that you do work. Nurses are not the only ones that have the option of working these flexible times. There are also physicians that are able to work part-time and choose to do so while their children are young.

Being a teacher in a classroom that offers co-teaching may be another flexible option for parents. Although it may not be done very often, there are times when a school district will allow teachers to co-teach and work half the time. You need to check with the school district in which you want to teach to find out if they offer these benefits, and if your employee benefits will be affected by not teaching full-time.

If you have been working in a job, you should check with your employer to see what flexible options within the company.

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