Making Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also sometimes referred to as “Mturk”, is a crowdsourcing marketplace online that allows humans to perform tasks that computers are unable to perform yet. A task is also referred to as a “hit” and these “hits” are basic questions that need answers. When people sign up with Amazon Mechanical Turk, they are paid for these tasks that are performed. There are many different kinds of tasks that require human intelligence to perform. Some of the different kinds of tasks Amazon Mechanical Turk has to offer are transcribing audio files, identifying certain objects in videos and pictures, researching data details, and performing date de-duplication.

A person must be registered with Amazon Mechanical Turk in order to perform the tasks and get compensation for them. Certain tests can be taken to qualify for different types of tasks. In order to receive credit for completing a task, the task must be first accepted. If the task was completed incorrectly, it may be rejected by the Requester. For each available task, there is a time limit allowed for the completion of this task. The timer begins as soon as the worker accepts the task. If the task is not completed in the time allowed, then the task is made available for others to complete.

Amazon limits the number of tasks a worker can complete in one day. There are many different factors that determine that amount of tasks they are able to complete. Continuing to perform high-quality work will help a worker to be allowed the opportunity to do more hits in one day. If the worker continually exceeds expectations, they may also be promoted to “Mechanical Turk Master”. The special workers are granted access to tasks only available to “Mechanical Turk Masters”.

In order for a worker to get paid for the tasks they complete, Amazon Mechanical Turk will automatically deposit their money earned into the workers Amazon Payments account. Once the funds are in this account, workers then have the option to transfer their earned money to their bank account or they can request to be paid by an gift certificate. New workers must be active with Amazon Mechanical Turk for ten days before they can request payment for their tasks. The amount of money that can be earned on Amazon Mechanical Turk is determined by the number of tasks and the types of tasks completed.

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