More K-12 Work from Home Opportunities for Teachers

At one time no one would have thought that a K-12 career could possibly lead to a work from home opportunity.  Now more and more openings are appearing across the country for certified teachers to teach children online.  These positions are for public and private school educators.

Online public school has grown more and more over the years and there are teachers needed to teach classes in every subject area. Students are taking classes in more than the general education subjects like English, Social Studies, Math, and Science.   There is also a broad range of electives that are being offered.  Students are being taught foreign language in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, German, and Japanese.     Students are even taking music lessons in guitar online.

Most of the teaching positions require that applicants are certified to teach and have some in-class teaching experience.   Although the teacher will be working from home, it is expected that he/she has the same degree as professionalism as he/she would working in a physical classroom.

Although the location of your job may be different the requirements may be about the same or a little more.   Teachers in these online K-12 schools are expected to maintain regular communication with each student and the student’s parent/guardian.  This communication may include monthly updates with the student and parent/guardian.   Now some of the online schools do allow the monthly updates to be done via a text message, email, or phone call.

Teachers will also have to grade assignments, like they would in a regular classroom.   They may also be required to do oral assessments with the students.

Each school will have different requirements for the teachers, but the public school programs will also follow the standards that are required by the state.

As a teacher, you know that more goes into teaching than the time spent in direct contact with the student, so the extra time that you may spend planning and doing assessment will probably not be a shock.  Like most school districts, the online school may also require that you attend training sessions throughout the year.

You will find a variety of positions for teachers throughout the United States.   Some are fulltime and there are others that are part-time.    Bear in mind that if enrollment goes down, your position may be terminated.   Part-time positions may be the first to be eliminated, but full-timers are not automatically immune to repercussions of budget cuts.    In August 2013, Florida Virtual Schools laid off 625 part-time teachers and 167 fulltime teachers.

This goes along with the mantra of many work from home individuals:  try to have multiple streams of income.   It may be hard to do when you have so many responsibilities.  But having even a little flow of income when you are unemployed can make a huge difference.

For those that are interested in employment as a virtual K-12 teacher, there are multiple opportunities available across the nation and in individual states.

A large online K-12 school called K-12 offers teaching opportunities throughout the country.   Another large virtual school provider that operates through the United States is Connections Academy.    You can also do a search for local virtual schools that serve your school district and view their career opportunities page.

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