April 16, 2024

Flexible Work From Home Jobs

Many people have multiple responsibilities in and out of the home and need a position that can be flexible.   Parents caring for children need to schedule around their schedule and sometimes another job.

Here is a listing of some jobs and companies that have flexible positions that allow you to create your own hours.


When you sign a contract with LiveOps you will be an independent contractor.   You are not directly employed by the company, so taxes will not be deducted from your earnings.  You will be required to pay any of your state and local taxes from your earnings.  LiveOps allows you to make your own schedule and this is done in 30-minute blocks of time.   There are different companies that you can provide services to while being an independent contractor with LiveOps.  Some contractors have provided customer support for tax services,   Currently, there is a $24.99 fee required to do a background check.  The pay range is $12-$17 an hour.


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