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Liveops is one of the established companies that contract with independent contractors to provide services for companies throughout the United States.    Those that work for LiveOps will have to pay for a background check before starting their new role.     These roles are mostly working as a customer service representative for different companies.   You choose what company you want to work for and then you go through a period of training.  the timeframe for training is determined by the customer service role you select to fulfill.   These training are free for you to attend, and you are not paid during training.

Agents are asked not to disclose information about the companies they service or other personal details, so that is why you may see a limited amount of information about Liveops posted.    If you would like to find additional information about Liveops you can look at reviews on and

Although this is a legitimate opportunity, there are those who engage in phishing attempts and try to pose as Liveops.  Liveops will not send any money to you before you begin working from them.   The only fee required before working from them is a background check fee.    The official website for Liveops is

Liveops Agent Video

Listen to a video from real Liveops agents about their experience working with Liveops, and how it works with their current lifestyle.

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