Freelance Writing Jobs and Opportunities

There are a ton of places that have freelance writing opportunities. Some are entry level positions that do not require that you have prior writing experience.    Freelance writers are needed in about every different content area. People are looking for all types of information and it is more than likely you have something of value to share.   This is not an exhaustive list of all the freelance writing agencies and opportunities, there are new ones being made available each day.

Freelance Writing Opportunities

      Textbroker is one of the writing agencies that acts as a broker between writers and those need a writing assignment completed.   The clients submit the details of the writing assignment to Textbroker. The freelance writers that have registered with Textbroker can then find assignments that fit their skill level and knowledge and choose to write that article.
    • Skyword
      Skyword is another company that links writers with writing assignments.

If you know of any additional freelance writing opportunities please share them in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing your helpful suggestions. 🙂

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