Non-Phone Jobs – Working from Home

Working from home does not have to include always being on the phone.    Although there are many different job listings for customer service phone-based positions, there are still quite a few other jobs that require little or no phone use.

Medical Biller or Coder

Generally working from homes as a medical biller or coder does require certification and some prior experience.

Online ESL Teacher

You will have to speak, but you will not be on the phone.

Freelance Writer

You may have to occasionally communicate with your clients via phone, but your work time will be spent writing and doing research.  Some online platforms make it easy for you by bringing clients directly to you so that you can just focus on your writing.

Social Media Moderator

Some of the subjects and topics you will have to moderate may be sensitive in nature, and that may prove difficult for some.   This position, by nature, does not require any phone use.


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